Sometimes the beautiful award that you have previously won end up lying on your desk. They really do make a good paperweight!! On the other hand, some of us put up a self or two and place your trophies on them. Or another question is do you be very fancy and get a cabinet or a bookshelf to store your medals and trophies?


These are all great ways to store all your medals, trophies, and shields. Let us get creative!

We have three ways to display your trophies.

Trophies and medals can have a sentimental value or represent pride and achievements. These both can have 2 different meanings. If it has sentimental value, then you will wany it to be placed somewhere that you can see it every day. If it is a work achievement, then you will want your clients to see it when they speak to you. So, you will have it behind you in your office.

Here is a few of our favourite ideas: -

  1. Put up a shelf for your medals!

Some sports or activities provide winners with medals rather than trophies. So, the best idea for you is to put up some shelves. Here is a good tip add some hooks to the bottom of the shelf, and you can hang some of your medals and then add trophies on top of the shelf.

  1. Shadow box display cabinet

Here at Prestige Trophies, we love this idea of using a shadow box to display your trophies and awards. A Shadow box can be placed on a wall or have them as a floating shelf. You can place a few floating shelves together and it will create a floating bookcase. All your trophies will be protected by a surrounding.

  1. Lastly you could build an alcove in your wall.

This idea will take a lot of work but once it is finished it will look the part. First, you need to cut your wall to make a recessed shelf, or you could place a cabinet between the studs of the wall cavity. Your trophies can be beautifully displayed.

Now that you have completed all the hard work your trophies can be displayed. But do not forget if you need more for your club, school or organisation then get in touch with us at Prestige Trophies.


Our extensive range of trophies can be peronalised with high quality text engraving which will meet all your presentation needs. Give us a call and we will help you!