trophies and medals for kids

Kids and Trophies

TROPHIES & MEDALS FOR KIDS For every child they dream of getting a medal on sports day or a trophy at their hobby as it makes them feel special and it brings a team together.  Winning that prize will be embedded in their heads forever. It encourages a child to live their dream and achieve …

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medal display case

Trophy Display

TROPHY DISPLAY Sometimes the beautiful award that you have previously won end up lying on your desk. They really do make a good paperweight!! On the other hand, some of us put up a self or two and place your trophies on them. Or another question is do you be very fancy and get a …

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cycling trophies online

Cycling Trophies

CYCLING TROPHIES Cycling is a passion for many people. Whether you are getting on your bike for competitive competitions, to stay fit and healthy or as part of a cycling club its all about having fun. Cycling is becoming extremely popular, and it has attracted many cyclist enthusiasts. Cycling can be completed now on road, …

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swimming trophies online

Swimming Trophies

SWIMMING TROPHIES Many people are now ditching the gym and hitting the pool instead as it is less impact on these joints of ours. Whether your young or old swimming is the perfect way to get back into fitness as you can start slowly and build yourself up. It is your choice, so you decide! …

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buy glass trophies online

Glass Trophies

GLASS TROPHIES Trophies within the sporting industry is a validation for doing well and succeeding. Whether it is for a team or an individual one of our engraved glass trophies will provide you with a timeless appeal which will look classy and fit perfectly in your display cabinet. But do not forget that we also …

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buy small trophies online

Small Trophy

SMALL TROPHIES Where we pride ourselves in stocking a spectrum of masterfully curated trophies, cups, plaques and medals of all sizes, we know that not every customer will be looking for the biggest or loudest piece in the store. For that reason our small trophy range can provide a solution to your needs without skipping …

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cricket trophies online

Cricket Trophies

CRICKET TROPHIES Naturally we will be biased, but our Cricket Trophies are showstoppers. Like other sports in our trophy range we stock trophies, cups and shields relating to the sport but also the “in action” range for Cricket which includes flying balls, hit wickets and helmets in motion. We love the “in action” range and …

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gymnastic trophies online

Quiz Trophy

QUIZ TROPHIES Lockdown has challenged everyone, families and friends have been separated, folks have had to resort to working from home and with that the rise of webcam conferencing is easily at an all time high – one of the trends to rise from this occurrence are quiz groups consisting of people of all ages …

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gymnastic trophies online

Gymnastics Trophies

GYMNASTICS TROPHIES The core fundamentals of Gymnastics are strength, agility, flexibility and endurance – we are confident that our diverse line of sport-specific trophies and medals at Prestige Trophies can represent the skillset of your winner. Beyond our traditional gymnastics trophies, cups and shields we offer pieces that represent a range of poses and maneuvers …

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buy rugby trophies online

Novelty Trophies

NOVELTY TROPHIES Inevitably later on in life a time will come to hang up the jersey, unlace your boots and pack your gym bag a little differently- it doesn’t mean your competition spirit should be hung up though! We can all agree that sport facilitates lasting friendships off the court, pitch and track thus keeping …

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buy rugby trophies online

Rugby Trophies

RUGBY TROPHIES Did you know that the Ulster Schools’ Cup is the second oldest rugby union competition in the world? Did you also know we provide the medals for the Schools’ Cup final and Medallion Shield competition? Rugby is definitely in our blood at Prestige Trophies and we fully understand the spirit of success, comradery …

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awards and presentation plaques

Awards & Presentation Plaques

AWARDS & PRESENTATION PLAQUES We all know the importance of recognising individuals and teams.  Whether it’s the children with perfect attendance at their weekly music lessons, the team who win the league at the end of the season or the person who quietly looks after everything and makes sure things keep running like clockwork in …

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