For every child they dream of getting a medal on sports day or a trophy at their hobby as it makes them feel special and it brings a team together.  Winning that prize will be embedded in their heads forever. It encourages a child to live their dream and achieve their goals! Working hard will help your team succeed.


Team Building: -

Team building is often overlooked, and this is one of the most important things to succeed. There is no I in team! It takes every player within the team to work together and give 100% effort within the sport. Each child is key, and they help each other succeed. An award can show every player in the team that they contributed to the team’s success. If you want to add that extra touch, then get the trophy/ medal engraved.

Positive reward: -

By joining a sporting club, a child will develop both life and social skills which will help them improve their self-esteem. It will give them that added confidence boost that they need. But please do not forget that participating in a sport is about taking part and not always winning. Life is hard and unfortunately; we do not win at everything. This is a main life skill that every child needs to understand from an early age. You should award a child for taking part, improving within the sporting field, personal development, and team effort.

The key thing is the score does not always indicate the better side. Sometimes its just not meant to be your day!

Values which are important: -

A key value is that winning is not everything, its about sticking to your commitment and training hard. In life it is about showing up and working hard. They need to practice hard, and this is extremely hard after they have been working hard in school all day. Participation trophies are such a good idea at it shows that commitment can be rewarded. One season may not go well but there’s always next season.

Reward kids at early age and remind them that their hard work will pay off.